Condor Intra Oral Scanner

Why a Condor Scanner?

Condor Intra Oral Scanner

  • No risk of hardware becoming obsolete
  • Continual tweaks to improve algorithms
  • Easy to use
  • Open .STL files -Work with any lab desired
  • The best investment a practice can make

Smallest Handpiece


The hand piece is the size of a toothbrush which enables you to  scan the entire mouth - even back to their wisdom teeth.  It can also be used as a camera because it offers true color. 

The Best Tool in the Holder


The condor requires no powder to make digital impressions.  So imagine your patients no longer gagging, when being fitted for dentures, bridges or crowns.  See how much more they'll appreciate you for not having to come back except to get the final procedure.

It's Accurate


It's precise enough to scan a human hair. Even its colors are exact. But most importantly it gives the lab the perfect impression so as to eliminate future patient fittings before the final apparatus is inserted.

It's Fast


The software keeps improving with how quickly it scans. You can scan an entire quadrant in 30 seconds.  You can scan for a full set of dentures in two minutes.

Receive ROI in Little Time


The scanner can cut lab costs almost in half. it's no wonder your total investment can be recouped in less than a year.  After that you'll have years of savings while improving the comfort and care of your patients. 

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