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Our Denture Philosophy

The Staub Cranial System

  • Let our Express Dental Lab professionals upgrade your dental practice's reputation from being very good to becoming the best in class. How do we do this?  We take a unique approach to dental lab science in using the Staub cranial system to ensure proper placement of each denture tooth assuring comfort, style and maximum utility.  ​Our goal is to create restorations that are indistinguishable from natural teeth and creating the best fit in the market. Our technicians are expert in maximizing patient satisfaction while minimizing chair time.​

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Condor Intra Oral Scanner

Condor Intra Oral Scanner

  •  This revolutionary scanner is a must have for dental practices that want to offer best-of-care to their patients by reducing patient chair time and improving the overall quality of dental restoration that's indistinguishable from natural teeth.  All of this reduces dental lab fees to a fraction of the cost you've been used to paying. 

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  • Meet Genie.  Genie wasn't a typical patient because she has Bell's Palsy which makes one side of her face droop.  This also affects the muscles in her mouth.  She had a set of dentures done at another lab which  although not aesthetically bad, just did not fit well.  (Click on photo to read more...)

FAQs on Staub Cranial System


Get answers to common Questions about why the Staub Cranial System is the best science behind getting the best dentures for the most satisfied patients.

FAQs on Cost Savings


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FAQs On the Condor Scanner


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