Staub System

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Other dental labs can attest to how hard it is to overcome the challenge of guessing how to structure restorations to fit and function in the patient's mouth. Because they very seldom see the patient, and they struggle to fabricate teeth off a working stone model, much is left to chance and they somehow have to guess the proper tooth position.

Best Tooth Placement


 We've discovered through Staub's system, a more structured way to determine tooth placement. Mathematical calculations offer accuracy and precision to eliminate chance and guesswork.  We believe that this approach to tooth placement will ultimately become the standard.  In the meantime, Express Dental Lab pros are leading the way to become a valuable part of your dental team.    

All Have Same Geometry in Mouth


 After conducting a research of more than 5500 dentulous models, Mr. Carl Staub found consistent symmetry between these points of reference. This fact provided a base for mathematical calculations. Our goal is to create restorations that are indistinguishable from natural teeth. Our technicians are dedicated to maximize patient satisfaction while minimizing chair time.​

2 Isosceles Triangles in Mouth


The connection lines between direction points A and B with the induction points C and C1 always form two isosceles triangles on the model of the maxilla. The inscisal edge is determined precisely, and coincides with the maxillary points of reference. 

Incorrect Position


 As seen in this example, there is no symmetry between the two arches causing uneven bite relations. As the condyle has been displaced, uneven wear on dentition has occurred. The most widely accepted treatment for this scenario would be to open the bite, but even this wouldn't seat the condyle evenly. 

Correct Condyle Position


 Our methods seat the condyle properly in their individual fossa. Our process allows symmetry to be once again obtained. Also, the Penta plane is now parallel with the Co-Ma plane. This is being established independent of the previous natural tooth positions.