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Testimonial from Genie

testimonial regarding Staub System to create Dentures

  1. Meet Genie.  Genie had a more difficult case because she has Bell's Palsy which makes one side of her face droop.  This also affects the muscles in her mouth.  She had a set of dentures done at another lab which  although not aesthetically bad, just did not fit well.  She had a hard time speaking let alone chewing whenever she had them in.   The incorrect position caused her Mandibular denture to rock out of the sealing every time she chewed. Our technicians were able to accurately identify and measure the acquired bite, and create a treatment plan to correct the acquired bite problem. Digital dentures, in combination with the Staub Cranial and bite adjustment procedures, finally solved her denture woes. As she left the Dentist's office, she threw away her old dentures into the garbage. She says, "I love my new dentures. I can finally chew and speak properly. Best of all, I get compliments all the time on how nice my teeth look."    

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